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Training Clinics

Mule Packing Clinic

Getting riders up to speed on handling horses and mules in backcountry is one of my greatest joys. You'll get to know time tested techniques to mountain ride, pack mules, lead a pack string, camp, along with problem solving training. Plus equine first aid, shoeing, and many safety principals. Stay at our ranch, we start up the moment you arrive, and after clinic advice included.
— Jim Mater

  • Learn the art of mountain horsemanship and mule packing.
  • Get to know all the techniques for safe and knowledgeable handling of mules
  • Mountain horseback riding, leading a pack string over difficult terrain.
  • Pack the mule, apply five hitches -- box hitch, diamond, barrel, basket and blind George.
  • Camping with horses and mules, high lining, leave-no-trace.
  • Problems that happen on the trail and how to solve them.


Horsemanship Clinic

My horsemanship clinics passes on the experience I have gained living most of my life on the back of a horse, in wilderness backcountry conditions.
Riding rough and rugged country shapes my clinics for a safe, secure and horse sustainable experience. Learn the benefits of relationships between horse and rider. Living lessons that will benefit your life . . .
  — Jim Mater

  • Learn the techniques for observing, training and changing horse behaviors into safe riding experiences.
  • Round pen training for increased understanding and control of your horse.
  • Built confidence between yourself and your horse.
  • Thru gentle techniques motivate your horse to the next level of riding safety.

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Military Mule Packing & Horsemanship Training Program

U-Trail’s trainers combine over 100 years of mountain packing experience in one of the most difficult terrains in the world. Thousands of pack trips and hunts in a wide variety of landscapes and environments gives our trainers a solid foundation and experience. Our work has ranged from 14,000’ mountain terrain to low elevation arid desert environments We pass on our experience to solders and students, so the mountain packing and horseback experience is safe and sustainable for long-term in-field activities. Plus techniques to prevent health and safety problems, and situation problem solving.


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