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Blue Wilderness Pack Trips

Blue Wilderness Horseback Pack Trip

Blue Wilderness pack trip utrail adventures

The Blue Wilderness is in the most remote corner of America. On the eastern edge of Arizona, it is seldom used or seen. Its unique features make it one of the most historic and scenic horseback rides in America.

Earliest People and Ancient Dwellings

Ancient Indians inhabited this area, leaving behind Dwellings and artifacts.  It was a route used by Apaches and Geronimo once they left the San Carlos reservation in Arizona, on their journey back to the Gila, New Mexico.

Unique Geological Features

The Blue has the most unique and beautiful geologically landscapes you will find anywhere. Somewhat like Utah’s varied, amazing landscapes. Tall uprisings give a surreal oasis in a ponderous, forested wilderness.

Spectacular Views In-All-Directions

This adventure has plenty of views in all directions - north, south, east and west. You will enjoy incredible distant landscapes on our loop rides.

Ride To The Stunning Devils Monument

We undertook a month’s worth of trail clearing to reach the most inspiring scenes in the Blue, Devils Monument. The journey there is equally inspiring, riding through ever-changing environments and grand views.

Narrow Slot Canyon Riding

Riding narrow slot canyons, one can almost touch the canyon walls on each side. Fun and interesting.

Spanish Mining Symbol of the Past

Riding up a narrow and spectacular canyon, our journey ends at a Spanish Mining Symbol, carved into a tree some 400 years ago. Spaniards, at the time, forced Indian slaves to do the mining. Long ago, there was a lot of human activity in the Blue.

Year-round Blue Wilderness Pack Trips
Stunning Red Rock scenery with lower elevation riding makes winter horseback trips a grand nature adventure.


March 24th-28th  

April 7th-11th

April 21st-25th

April 28th-May 2nd


5-Day Pack Trip, $265.00 per day, per rider
PLUS 9.1% tax 
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Blue Wilderness - mining symbol carved on a tree

Blue Wilderness Itinerary

The Blue Wilderness
Southeast Arizona

Nature’s Hidden Treasures

Travel to Glenwood or Reserve NM, check into local motel. Motel, dinner and breakfast not included. Meet at U-Trail ranch early next morning.

Day 1: Meet at U-Trail ranch and drive to the New Mexico/Arizona border. We ride into Arizona’s Blue Wilderness area, or otherwise called Blue Primitive Area.  Riding a narrow canyon to a 400 year old Spanish Mining Symbol, a unique historical destination.  Enjoy a grand view of the valley.

Day 2: Ride the incredible Blue Wilderness loop. Staring we ride thru a slot canyon, then we climb to rolling high country. Experience grand vistas of Arizona with its rugged mountains terrain. We visit the ruins of a historic late 1800’s cabin.

Day 3: Ride to our high country camp, near a late 1800’s historic cabin.

An excellent chance to see elk and deer along the way. Varied landscapes.

Day 4: , One of more diverse loop riding experiences in Arizona. Landscapes and views change constantly as we move from one stunning terrain to another. One of the most unusually stops  is called the “Talc Uprising” — white columns of this fine mineral explode over many acres of landscape. Terrain one might find in Utah. The most unusual geological formation.

Day 5: Pack up camp and we journey back to the trailhead by a different route. We climb to one of the highest peaks in the Blue Wilderness, passing a natural lake. Then we descend, passing thru changing landscapes are we drop in elevation. From old-growth alpine terrain to desert like environments, a fitting end to Nature’s Hidden Treasures.

HooDoo Geology Canyon Riding

Stand below these towering columns of rock and wonder how they all come to be. A wonder indeed.

Camping in the Wilderness

Comfortable camp includes wall tents, cots and everything to make your camping comfortable and warm.

Tasty Dutch Oven Cooking

The best way to top off an inspiring day of horseback riding? A warm and tasty Dutch Oven Meal.

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