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Archaeology Expeditions

Archaeology Expeditions

Explore remote ancient Indian Cliff Dwellings, and Petroglyphs, in the canyon of Geronimo’s birthplace!

Archaeology expedition and horseback adventure in the magnificent Gila Wilderness of southwest New Mexico, affords great opportunities to view elk and deer, sometimes right in camp.

Four-day horseback pack-in to our remote and secluded base camp, the canyon where Geronimo was born. The Gila is the home and origin of the Apaches. 

First day, we ride to our beautiful, scenic base camp, set up camp, and cook tasty Dutch Oven meals. 

Next day, we ride to fully preserved Indian Cliff Dwellings, dating back over 1000 years. We visit other Cliff Dwellings less preserved.  These unique Dwellings are in a canyon that very few people visit. The only visitors to these Dwellings are our guests, so the experience is unique and personal. We discovered the Dwellings in the early 90’s and have kept them private and untouched. 

The following day, we saddle up and ride to the stunning Middle Fork of the Gila River to see remarkable Petroglyphs. We continue our journey along the Middle Fork to see unique geology and stunning hoo-doos - some of the best riding in America’s southwest. 

The final day, we pack up our gear and ride back to the trailhead.

Four-day Archaeology Expedition

$849.00 per rider
plus 8.69% sales tax

All inclusive, Bring your sleeping bag and personal gear. We cover the rest.

Join us on this unique, informative expedition

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Expedition Dates

May 7-10

May 21-24

June 4-8

July 9-12

July 23-26

Aug. 6-9

Aug. 13-16

Camping experience includes …

Safe, gentle riding horses, wall tents with comfortable cots, resident cook dishing up Dutch Oven meals, hot showers, and all the comforts of home.

Your Guide, James Mater

Discovery of Ancient Indian sites is my favorite experience in the Gila, whether Cliff Dwellings or ceremonial sites and village outlines. I have guided for National Geographic Magazine and Adventure magazines. The Gila Wilderness is a large treasure trove of historical sites, and I am sure some are still waiting to be discovered.

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