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Pecos River Wilderness Pack Trips

Pecos Wilderness Horseback Pack Trip

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Experience the best riding adventure in America!

The Pecos Wilderness includes the southernmost extension of the Rocky Mountains and is only 100 miles north-east of Albuquerque in the Santa Fe National Forest. The Wilderness boasts one of the highest concentrations of peaks exceeding 12,000-13,102 feet. 

Loop rides are designed keep landscapes fresh.  The Peco’s unique features set it apart as one of the most interesting, high-mountain scenic horseback rides in America. We ride in small groups for a more personalized riding experience.

Ride Along The Stunning Trail-Riders Wall

Traveling through spruce forests and small wildflower meadows you follow the Trailriders Wall along the drainage to the head of the canyon. Rugged ridges with peaks above timberline as dramatic cliff rocks give the ride uniqueness. Hopefully, you will spot the Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep.

Spectacular Views 

As we ride along the sub-range of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains we see Santa Fe Baldy, 12,622 feet (3,847 m), the highest point in Santa Fe County, and South Truchas Peak, 13,102 feet (3,993 m), the second highest peak in the state. The beauty of these rides is the ever changing scenery: dramatic cliff rocks, slopes, towering peaks, deep and narrow canyons, creeks and the Pecos River.

Unique Topography Features

The Pecos has beautiful landscapes with heavily forested, high-elevation mountains with mixed forests of Engelmann spruce, corkbark fir, ponderosa pine, Douglas fir, white fir, limber pine, bristlecone pine, and aspen. River valleys, broad mesas with streams and rugged canyons along the ride. Lakes invite for a nice break. We ride to the Pecos Falls for our lunch break.

The Pecos Falls

One of the most diverse riding days is an adventure over the the famous Pecos Falls. Rolling water over countless steps makes an unforgettable lunch break at Pecos Falls in the beauty of rugged country. We continue traveling high above the majestic Pecos River back to camp.

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5-Day Pack Trip, $225.00 per day, per rider

6 - 7 Day Pack Trips are available

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Pecos Wilderness Itinerary

The Pecos Wilderness
Near Santa Fe, NM

Top of the World Ride — Nature’s Finest 

Travel to Santa Fe, NM, check into local motel. Motel, dinner and breakfast not included. Meet U-Trail crew at Jack’s Creek or Iron Gate trailhead to be determined. Each day’s ride is approx. 5-6 hours. 

Day I: Pack our gear and ride across some of the grandest vistas America has to offer. Enjoy sweeping views of snow covered mountains.  At camp we spend the evening enjoying a dutch oven meal and campfire conversation. 

Day 2: Riding across varied landscapes, and crossing many running creeks to the spectacular Pecos falls. One of the Pecos most inspiring destinations. A fast descending fall system, the perfect lunch stop.

Day 3: Continuing our journey, ascending to pristine vista lookouts, we ride to another scenic water fall, cascading in full force.  The vistas of mountain tops and far off ridge lines are some of the best in western America. Elk and deer sightings along the way.

Day 4: Climbing the mountain range, we make the journey to the top of the world. Riding the famous Santa Barbara ridge, at 13,000’. Our final destination is the pristine Truchas Lake, where we stop to take in the rugged beauty of the lake. Mountain sheep habitat this lake area, with close up experiences. The best vistas one can experience.

Day 5: Heading back to trailhead, we experience southerly vistas and endless sweeps of the Pecos wilderness. Natures’ finest Top of the World Ride.

Stunning Campgrounds

From stunning settings, observe Elk, deer, coyotes, bear, wild cats, turkey, squirrels, chipmunks, pika, beavers, and Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep. A vast bird population includes white-tailed ptarmigan, blue grouse, Steller's jay, raven, raptors, woodpeckers, and many species of hummingbirds.

Fly Fishing 

Rainbow trout, brown trout, and cutthroat trout swim in the 150 miles of fresh streams. Fifteen lakes across the Pecos offer fishing and fly fishing. Known throughout New Mexico as THE place to fly fish. Raw beauty with fantastic fishing experiences.

Star Gazing Paradise

You won’t find a better sky to watch planets, stars, the Milky Way and shooting stars. Its awesome!

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