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Military Horsemanship Program

Military Mule Packing & Horsemanship Training Program

 Topics of Training

  • Specialized in military mountain training
  • From basic training to advanced extreme terrain travel
  • Mule packing training focuses on odd shaped items, difficult loads and heavy equipment transport
  • Horsemanship training to guide multiple pack mules thru difficult terrain
  • Night time travel, with and without night goggles
  • Judging equine potential for prior use elevations/purchases
  • In-field equine first aid
  • Preventive measures to ensure healthy performance over long periods of in-field use
  • Gain awareness of equine health status at-a-glance
  • Gila Wilderness provides best terrain challenges in the world

Military Training Program

U-Trail’s trainers combine over 100 years of mountain packing experience in one of the most difficult terrains in the world. Thousands of pack trips and hunts in a wide variety of landscapes and environments gives our trainers a solid foundation and experience. Our work has ranged from 14,000’ mountain terrain to low elevation arid desert environments We pass on our experience to solders and students, so the mountain packing and horseback experience is safe and sustainable for long-term in-field activities. Plus techniques to prevent health and safety problems, and situation problem solving.

Equine Relationship & Performance

Promoting relationship building to create partnerships between handler and equine. Reviewing the physiology aspects of equine, to demonstrate strengths and weakness and preventive techniques to eliminate injuries.

Horsemanship Training

Build a solid and safe relationship with your mount. Train your riding animal to handle the lead. Learn how to lead a pack string over difficult terrain. Training to handle unsafe situations that occur leading a pack string. Safety techniques to ensure long-term use in-field.

Mule Packing Training

Five different packing techniques handles odd shaped material and difficult loads and heavy equipment transport. Learn to secure mule loads for safe movement for steep and extreme terrain situations.

Camping With Equine

After work observation training. Camping with horses — herd management, watering, feeding, grazing, high lining, (night and day time high lining), hobbling.  Shoeing training. Managing fatigue issues. Weather related problems.

Night Travel

Train with and without night goggles for safe night time activities.

Equine First Aid and Observation Training

Learn to observe behavioral changes in working equine to head off health issues. In-field equine first aid, open wounds, colic, saddle sores, hoof issues, regeneration of fatigued animals. Train to be able to determine the health and well being of your equine partner at-a-glance.

Equine Performance Evaluations

Helpful training in selecting and purchasing equine.

Situational Problem Solving

How to handle problems on the trail and steps to get moving again.

Gila Wilderness

Provides the best training environment in the world. Mountainous 8000’ alpine country, difficult rocky/steep terrain, river/creek crossing, extreme remote landscapes, and wildlife encounters.

Contact U-Trail

Wild Horse Road
PO Box 66, Glenwood, NM 88039
utrail@gilanet.com | 575-519-8569
Skype: Jim Mater

Five Day Gila Wilderness Training

Price Per Day $245.00 Per Student
Includes all federal & state taxes, plus meals
Available in Basic Five-Day Training or Advanced Training beyond five days

James Mater Credentials

Owner and operator of U-Trail, conducting commercial pack trips, and guided hunting trips in the Gila Wilderness for over 25 years.

  • Completed U.S. Forest Service Outfitting/Guide School
  • Trainer of U.S. Army Special Forces
  • Boy Scouts of America, eagle scout and scoutmaster
  • National Geographic guide

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