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Horsemanship School

Horsemanship School

My horsemanship clinics passes on the experience I have gained living most of my life on the back of a horse, in wilderness backcountry conditions. Riding rough and rugged country shapes my clinics for a safe, secure and horse sustainable experience. Learn the benefits of relationships between horse and rider. Living lessons that will benefit your life. Covering proper tack usage, riding confidently and safely in all conditions and terrain. Plus equine health issues, first aid, shoeing and many safety principals. Problem solving. Horses or mules. Stay at the U-Trail ranch.
  — Jim Mater

  • Learn the techniques for observing, training and changing horse behaviors into safe riding experiences.
  • Round pen training for increased understanding and control of your horse.
  • Built confidence between yourself and your horse.
  • Thru gentle techniques motivate your horse to the next level of riding safety.
  • Back country riding techniques and horse camping. Tools for the trail.
  • Afford yourself and horse opportunities to learn and grow for increased access into remote, difficult terrain.
  • Weather related problems on the trail.
  • Proper fitting of pads and saddle to your horse or mule.
  • Adjusting your tack to avoid saddle sores and techniques to continue riding horses with saddle sore issues.
  • Weight distribution on the horses back to avoid unwanted problems.
  • Proper mounting and dismounting techniques.
  • Staying ahead of horse health issues and illness prevention.
  • Sharpening horse observation.
  • Treatment of health related issues, colic, swelling, hoof issues, diet, etc. Back country first aid.
  • Shoeing and hoof health discussion.
  • Take your horse from a average riding mount to super-star status.
  • Trailer loading techniques.
  • Lets have some fun with roping lessons.

Currently Scheduled for 2022

  • March 6 to 12
  • May 1 to 7
$255.00 Per Day, Per Student. Plus 8.69% tax
Please call or email for clinic scheduling - we can conduct clinics for one or more participants.
James Mater's Credentials
Mater_CredentialsOwner and operator of U-Trail, conducting commercial pack trips, and guided hunting trips in the Gila Wilderness for over 25 years

  • Completed U.S. Forest Service Outfitting/Guide School
  • Trainer of U.S. Army Special Forces
  • Boy Scouts of America, eagle scout and scoutmaster
  • National Geographic guide
I came to Jim Mater's packing clinic with several seasons of horse packing on sawbucks through the Colorado Rockies under my belt. However, I wanted to learn more about different styles of packing and working with mules off Decker Pack Saddles. I was not disappointed. Jim and his crew really know their stuff. They treated me like royalty and still packed more knowlegde into 3 days than anyone could learn over years of doing it on their own. The crew at U-Trail have my respect and admiration for a job well done. I hope to return and ride with them again one day. Thanks again Jim and Happy Trails. 
— Bob Belknap, Winchester, Wi.


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