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Gila Wilderness Pack Trips

Gila Wilderness Horseback Pack Trip

Take a ride back in time on a horseback pack trip into the magnificent Gila. 

Raw, natural mountain beauty, Ancient Indian Dwellings, late 1800’s settler history in a Gila Wilderness pack trip reconnects you with the natural world. This experience renews and refreshes, which has a lasting, life-long impact.

The Gila Wilderness

The world’s first wilderness pack trip destination, created in 1924, is only accessible by foot or horseback. You can ride for weeks without seeing another person or any man-made structures. It’s the ultimate in beauty, magnificence and solitude.

Ancient Indian Cliff Dwellings

Explore fully preserved Indian Cliff Dwellings, dating back over 1000  years, some less preserved. The Dwellings are in a canyon few people visit. A remarkable, life-long memorable experience.

Middle Fork Canyon Riding

There is no better wilderness experience anywhere, than a horseback ride along the Middle Fork. Awe-inspiring at every turn, canyon walls tower over us, with splendid hoodoo columns rising up along every stretch. Continuous water flow offers a cool dip along the way - no better ride in America.

Settler Cabin Adventure

We take a remarkable journey to a late 1800 settler cabin, Prior Cabin, nested in a gentle meadow. The horses graze while we eat a healthy lunch. A most splendid experience, wondering about life in the Gila over 1000 years ago.


Elk and deer are abundant and thriving in the Gila, offering many excellent opportunities to see elk graze right along with our horses in camp, and along our riding journey.

Fishing the Native Gila Trout

Fish the most beautiful & difficult-to-find trout in American, the Native Gila Trout. Deep pools in scenic settings make this fishing adventure the best.

Camping in the Wilderness

Our remote and beautiful base camp is located on the canyon that is the birthplace of Geronimo. A comfortable camp offers wall tents, cots - everything to make your stay comfortable and warm.

Tasty Dutch Oven Cooking

What's the best way to top off an inspiring day of horseback riding?  A warm, delicious Dutch Oven Meal.

5-Day Pack Trip, $265.00 per day, per rider
PLUS 9.1% tax

Schedule for 2024

May 12th-16th

May 19th-23rd

June 2nd-6th

June 9th-13th

July 14th-18th

July 21st-25th

Aug. 4th-8th

Aug. 18th-22nd

Aug. 25th-29th

Sept. 8th-12th

Sept. 15th-19th

Sept. 29th-Oct. 3rd

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Gila Wilderness Itinerary

Gila Wilderness - Southwest New Mexico

Day One

Travel to trailhead and saddle up.  Fitting horse and pack mules, we head to our comfortable camp with roomy tents and cots in the Gila Wilderness and splendid home-cooked meals. Excellent chances of seeing elk and deer along the way and in camp.

Day Two

Ride the magnificent Middle Fork of the Gila River. Lots of water crossings with towering and splendid canyon walls is one of the best experiences in the natural world.

Day Three

We ride down stream on the Middle Fork, them make a gentle climb out of the canyon to a rest stop for sweeping views of the canyon below.  We continue on thru changing landscapes to an historic late 1800 hundreds cabin, where we enjoy lunch. Ride back to base camp.

Day Four

Ride up stream from our camp to an Indian Cliff Dwelling. Make a short climb to the Dwelling site and inspect many Dwellings left behind some 1000 years ago. A unique experience. Ride back to camp.

Day Five

Pack our gear and ride back across vast scenery to our trailhead.

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