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Corporate Incentive Travel

American Frontier Cultural Experience

Corporate Incentive Travel & Team Building Exercises

Five-day American Frontier Cultural Horseback Adventure wilderness incentive package. 

Price Per Participant $1795.00
Plus 8.69% tax 

The incentive program combines, ancient Indian archaeology with a frontier mountain adventure. It’s an experience that bonds people together in an atmosphere that reconnects managers and executives alike to the natural world.

Renewed, refreshed at the end of this remarkable experience, participants have a better emotional foundation to tackle the high pressure decisions mangers need to make. It’s a human adventure that will have lasting imprint on their lives and the lives of their coworkers.

Team building exercises in the most beautiful of natural settings adds to the mental and emotional connections between participants.  

Lead by guide Jim Mater
Jim has a solid foundation in corporate and executive experience in operating large and small businesses. Jim understands the pressures of this accelerated age, and helps participants in ways to develop positive coping mechanisms. They will come back to the office more motivated which will encourage other coworkers. 

Day 1, we collect participants from Albuquerque, New Mexico, and set off on five hour driving adventure. An interesting and informative driving trip, with stops to include the El Malpais National Monument, a grand sweep of ancient volcanic lava flow. Plus a stop to La Venture, one of the largest natural arches in New Mexico. A scenic, relaxing trip to bring the group to Glenwood, New Mexico. Guests stay at the Double T Homestead, spacious and relaxing. 

Day 2, breakfast at the ranch, then we pack up and head to a remote trail head within the Gila Wilderness. Saddle up, horses and pack mules, and ride into our beautiful base camp - the very same canyon of Geronimo’s birthplace.  Set up camp with wall tents, cots, hot showers and everything to feel like home. Enjoy a tasty Dutch Oven Meal.

Day 3, saddle up and experience a Ancient Indian Cliff Dwelling adventure. Step back 1000 years in time and imagine how these people lived in this natural setting.  A short climb. Ride back to camp and participate in team-building exercises.

Day 4, saddle up and ride down the magnificent Middle Fork of the Gila River, the grand canyon of America’s Southwest. Ride to Ancient Indian Petroglyphs, then enjoy some of the most spectacular scenery in America’s natural world. Back to camp with fun team-building projects.

Day 5, pack up camp and ride back to the trail head, then head directly to Albuquerque. We stop at the Very Large Array, one of the largest Radio Telescopes in the world, the site of the movie Contact. Overnight accommodations in Albuquerque.

Special features of the Natural World, Gila Wilderness, southwest New Mexico

America’s first wilderness designation, The Gila Wilderness, is a road-less wilderness accessible only on foot or horseback. One of the largest wilderness areas in America, it features incredible mountain landscapes, cooling running creeks and rivers, excellent chances of seeing elk and deer. Our horses are experienced, gentle and safe. We camp in the canyon of the birthplace of Geronimo.

El Malpais National Monument - Richly, diverse volcanic landscapes provide stunning views of ancient lava flows.

La Ventana Arch - The second longest span of any known arch in New Mexico and a short hike. 

Scenic Base Camp - Scenic wilderness camp features all the comforts of home. Elk and deer sometimes graze right along with the horses.

Ancient Indian Cliff Dwellings - Some fully preserved and some partly preserved. 

Petroglyphs - Ancient markings of the earliest wilderness residents - learn their meanings. 

Very Large Array - One of the world’s premier astronomical radio observations, consists of 27 radio antennas in a YU-shaped configuration.

Team Building Exercises
Everyone gets involved in fun and team-building training projects; assembling an Indian tipi, roping a steer, preparing Cowboy Dutch Oven meals, fire building, horsemanship & mule packing training. 

Incentive Travel Package includes:

  • Transportation from/back to Albuquerque
  • Scenic tour from Albuquerque to Glenwood
  • All meals from arrival to return included
  • Day 1 overnight in Glenwood
  • Day 5 overnight in Albuquerque
  • Pack into the Gila Wilderness on horseback
  • Team-building wilderness activities
  • Visit to Very Large Array on return trip

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